Common Concerns and Misconceptions about Long-Term Care

Posted by Park Central on Jul 3, 2019 4:44:29 PM
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When choosing a place for long-term care for yourself or your loved one, it is only natural you should have deep-seated concerns for their long-term well being. But it's important to not let popular myths get in the way of a clear-eyed evaluation of your options. Here are 4 common misconceptions about long-term care that need to be dispelled to help you make an informed decision:

Myth: Very Few People Ever Need Long-Term Care

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, well over 50% of those at age 50 will eventually use long-term at some point in life. Thus, it's not at all rare for people to choose this option for themselves or a loved one.

Why? Because many long-term care facilities are wonderful places to live - despite the poor popular image that continues to be propagated.

Myth: Long-Term Care Homes Are Depressing Places To Live

Many assume that homes for the elderly are depressing, or even unsafe, places to live. They imagine a run-down building, unconcerned staff, and complete lack of social interaction. This need not be the case.

At Park Central in Amarillo, Texas, residents enjoy a remarkable standard of living. Numerous amenities including beautiful gardens, outdoor patios, meals options ranging from gourmet to homestyle, housekeeping, an on-campus pharmacy and hair salon, and a game, craft, and leisure room are all included.

Group outings, a vibrant community life, and on-campus pastoral care for counseling and prayer all help to keep loneliness at bay.

Myth: There Is A Total Lack Of Privacy

This is not at all the case. Although friends and relatives are free to visit/stay over and skilled nursing and assisted living staff are ready at hand, residents of long-term care communities still retain their privacy.

You can get the benefit of skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, and other care without sacrificing the right to have time alone and with friends. 

Myth: You Are Forced To Live In "Cookie Cutter" Accommodations

At Park Central, you have the choice of different apartment-style accommodations, including The Ware, which offers a household setup, with a living room, dining room, and game room. Designed to make residents feel like they live in their own neighborhood within the community, all of which are modern and come with full amenities. You have the ability to match your living quarters to your own particular needs, tastes, and budget.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art long-term care communities that are busting all the myths and misconceptions, contact Park Central in Amarillo, Texas - have lunch with us, or schedule a tour!

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